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The Prada Bibliotheque Bag just gets better and better each and every time. This time around Prada released its cult favorite bag in Tricolor. Ladies, meet the newest Prada Tricolor Bibliotheque Bag, which comes in a divine fusion of green, fuchsia, and black.

An instant eye candy, this beauty is all you could ever want in a Prada bag. It’s so lovely that you might want to take it anywhere you go whether it be at the office, luncheon meeting with friends, or even when you go shopping and we won’t blame you for it.

Made from calf leather with bellow sides, this one is an instant pop of color as it can brighten up your outfits with its tricolor design. The double leather handle comes in bi-color and has a detachable as well as adjustable shoulder strap. The front, side and the back are made in three different colors to enhance the impression of this work of art.

Aside from its undeniable beauty, the bag also features snap closure on sides and has two inside pockets, including one with zipper closure.

Measuring 14.9” x 11.2” x 6.8” (L x H x W) inches, priced at $2960 USD, €2400 euro, £2000 GBP via Prada boutiques.








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There are as many variations of Chanel Bags available as we can imagine, and that also includes the Chanel Classic Flap Bag.

Life can be more interesting, if you allow to. Instead of sticking to the ‘black colors’, which are usually refer to as timeless and classic, perhaps…perhaps… we should move out of our comfort zone and be bold, and try something else.

Like the latest Chanel Extra Mini Classic Flap Bag, we know that the single colors are the favorite picks. Who doesn’t love the Extra Mini Classic Flap Bag in pink?

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Listen to the advice of our friend James, she just went back from the Chanel boutique and the SA offered her the Boy Chanel Clutch Bag in Ombre Patent Leather. This boy bag is really nice, the gorgeous color from beige to red, designed with the classic boy clasp in shiny golden hardware. There is basically nothing wrong with this bag, but somehow our intuition tell us ‘no’.

You see, this bag doesn’t seem to be practical, especially when want a bag to carry everyday. And such bags need to fit to the right outfit, it should be perfect for the special occasions.

So James turned the SA’s offer down, also because she spotted something even more gorgeous – the Mini Classic Flap Bag in tri-color. You see, to avoid buyer’s remorse later on, you need listen to your heart.


James: ‘The Tri-color Mini Classic Flap Bag, it was offered in all classic collection, I think 3 or 4 different combo’s. One I got is the blue, green and turquoise, if I remember, there are also red, blue, brown-red, pink, drank pink and one more combo’.

Tri-colors handbags need to be handpicked carefully, choosing the wrong color and you will regret later on. I really love the choice of James, the colors are so yummie. You know, this bag doesn’t feel too flashy, like you’re showing off, its gentle and absolutely gorgeous.

So we went on to ask for the prices, here what we got:

The Boy Chanel Clutch Bag is priced at $3800 CAD, the Mini Classic Flap Bag is priced at $3100 CAD. Obvious they are also in styles like medium and jumbo, they are the same price as the normal classics.

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Itching for a multi-color Classic Flap Bag?

Disappointed because you’ve missed the train to purchase the Chanel Valentine Flap Bag (which is also in multi-color pink by the way).

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Well, no worries, here’s another seasonal style to add to your collection and it’s different than the single colored Classic Flap Bags.

Perhaps its time to make a switch, avoid the bags painted in one color and adds some colors to your life. Different colors create different feelings and experience. Perhaps there is a style in your wardrobe that’s designed to match this bag.

The flap is brown, then burgundy on the other parts, refined with beige color to help the silver CC logo to shine. It’s a relaxing combination of shades, but still pretty.

And just like all Chanel stunning bags, this version is also quilted. It comes with an interwoven chain.

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