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Looking for new ways to spice things up? Well, look no further as this Saint Laurent Love Box Bog is about to further amp and glam your style.

Add an extra element of fun to your wardrobe with this uniquely shaped Love Box Bag. An absolute style stunner, this Saint Laurent Bag is an ideal companion for your Friday night outs with your girlfriends or during those days when you feel out of the weather since it will instantly add a touch of glamour to your whole ensembles.

The Saint Laurent Love Box Bag is not your ordinary heart-shaped bag. As you can see, the shape is uneven and on the right spot, it features the heavenly YSL logo – now how chic is that! The bag is made with hinged opening, but for the refinement, it’s crafted on the side. It’s all about beauty and pure elegant.

You can also definitely find love inside this Love Box Bag! Made from genuine leather, this heart shaped accessory is a spot on with its metal snake chain link perfect for shoulder and cross-body carrying. The gold-tone hardware on the other hand impeccably complements its black color.

It also has an irresistible kiss-lock closure. It measures 6.6” x 7.8” x 3.1” inches and is priced $1790 USD, €1390 euro, £1225 GBP, $2630 SGD, $2010 AUD, ¥199000 JPY.





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Saint Laurent Tuxedo Box Bag

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The easiest way to describe Saint Laurent’s new Tuxedo Box Bag from their Spring-Summer 2017 Womens collection? Think of your favourite YSL compact face powder case, magnify it about 5 times, and that’s pretty much what this is. Measuring some 15 cm by 13 cm, it’s not the biggest clutch around, nor is it the roomiest, but for such a sexy collectible piece that is also really very, very pretty, sometimes the usual rules need not apply. Use it with (or without) its additional snake link chain and you’ve got the perfect night-out-on-the-town bag. How much you ask? Just SGD4250 for either colour.

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Just when we thought bags couldn’t get any more beautiful, suddenly Saint Laurent came in like a storm, dazzling and sweeping us off our feet with this Halfmoon Bag in bloody red.

Perfect for your romantic and flirty Saturday night dates, this Halfmoon Bag will definitely complement your white flowy dress to add that instant pop of color. An elegant touch to brighten up your ensemble, this YSL jewel right here is everything we could ever ask for in a mini bag!

Taking a closer look, this bag is sporting the elegant Chevron quilting effect and has golden metallic pieces to enhance its sophisticated look. The golden chain strap on the other hand is both sassy and chic, and the golden YSL logo in front definitely gives this bag a five-star rating.

The size is perfect, it can be hold with just one hand – so its an evening beauty. The colors are sharp – red with blue edges, and the golden hardware fits right in like a glove.

Love the shape! We don’t have much information about the sizes and prices right now, but stay tuned, once we have it, we will let you know.

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Saint Laurent Debuts New Slouchy Version of the Popular Sac de Jour Bag

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If you’ve ever looked at the Saint Laurent Sac de Jour and thought, “Ya know what? I want that, but soft,” then I have some good news for you: “that, but soft” now exists. For Spring 2017, the brand is debuting a bag that Bergdorf Goodman calls the Saint Laurent Supple Sac de Jour. It’s unclear if that’s the bag’s official designation since it doesn’t appear on the YSL website just yet.

Bergdorf Goodman doesn’t list dimensions for this bag, but on-model comparisons make it look notably larger than the popular small size, and YSL appears to have removed the medium, the bag’s largest version, from its website. Just from eyeballing it, this bag looks similar to the medium, but with a shoulder strap and a softer structure that will give it some nice slouch when carried by that strap. The medium always looked a little too big to be an arm-only bag and its size already tended a bit more toward slouchiness than the smaller versions, so this seems like a logical next step for the larger end of the SDJ line.

The bag appears to be made of double-sided leather instead of lined in a different material, which should help lighten up such a large bag. the Supple SDJ maintains the zippered middle compartment that most sizes of the bag have, but it appears to lack other interior compartments. On the outside, the biggest changes are the exposed pegs that hold the gusset belts in place at the front top corners.

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This Saint Laurent Small Seau Bucket Bag is the perfect companion to bring for your next beach getaway and sometimes all you need is a bucket bag to makes things better especially when you’re at the beach.

Lovely, lightweight, and durable, owning the Small Seau Bucket Bag is just the beginning of your endless days at the beach. We love the fact that you can easily carry it thanks to its shoulder strap that can be worn singled or doubled. You shouldn’t also worry getting your things wet as it has a leather base and a metal feet at base of bag to protect them.

The YSL logo tag is also eye catching since it is a bragging right wherever you go as you are carrying a Saint Laurent bucket bag. It also has one internal patch pocket. Measuring 27 x 18.5 x 18.5 cm, priced at $1190 USD, €990 euro, £850 GBP, $1550 CAD, $1880 SGD, $1435 AUD, ¥135000 JPY via Luisa Via Roma.





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They say good things come to those who wait and we truly believe on that ever since we’ve patiently waited for the newest Yves Saint Laurent accessory to complement our everyday and even glamorous outfits. Ladies, the wait is long overdue as the Saint Laurent Signature Monogram Earrings will be hitting the stores this January of the year.

These precious gems are the by-product of a genius mind and we are nonetheless talking about Anthony Vaccarello who will be gracing his first ever Saint Laurent collection. For those who don’t know about Anthony, he is an Italian-Belgian fashion designer who currently holds the title of creative director for Yves Saint Laurent.

Well, what is the fuss about these earrings? Mind you, they are not just ordinary earrings. They are the real deal for you will be wearing the YSL logo on your ears, which will truly capture the eyes and attention of onlookers due to its size.

Labelled to be the signature accessory of Spring/Summer 2017 of Saint Laurent, this monogram earrings can be worn in two ways either separately or by putting them together to recreate the logo and best reveal its beauty and grandeur.

There are several colors available. Which one tickles your fancy?




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