Loewe Pink Puzzle Small Bag

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Loewe Pink Puzzle Small Bag Loewe Pink Puzzle Small Bag

Loewe Pink Puzzle made from skin-pink tonal panel, structured piece features spacious interiors fitted with pouch pockets for your cell phone, wallet and keys. All would already know this ‘ Puzzle ‘ Loewe bag has become one of the most iconic style labels and coveted. Loewe Puzzle Pink adjustable strap optional for the length of your choice. Can change from tote to the clutch, or worn cross-body. Loewe Pink Puzzle have details like leather-pink Tonal, Zip its loop fastening along top and Designer color: Soft Pink/Candy/Dark Pink.

Loewe Pink Puzzle Small Bag 2017 Loewe Pink Puzzle Small BagLoewe Candy Pink Puzzle Small Bag Loewe Pink Puzzle Small Bag

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Loewe S/S17 Lantern Bag In Tan & Gold

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With a brand like Loewe, you’ll sometimes need a sense of humour (preferably large), especially when faced with something like Spring-Summer 2017‘s Lantern Bag. It’s definitely not a conventional piece, but it will start conversations, like the one I had going in my own head when I first chanced upon it some weeks back.

The inspiration behind it is decidedly simple, a bag shaped like a lantern that’s almost gourd-like, it starts narrow on the top before it extends in the middle, and then tapering down towards the end. What’s more difficult was the thought process of making something traditionally crafted out of paper (or fabric) which is easy, but swopping that out for leather instead.

In other words, it must have been a huge exercise in applying everything Loewe had in their leather-crafting arsenal and know-how techniques just to figure out how to make it completely in a material that’s pretty tough to work with in the first place. I could only imagine the hours that went into moulding the shape needed to resemble a lantern, before the pieces are stitched together to form that distinctive shape.

Which is exactly what I respect most about the Spanish luxury house, their will to try something that’s not easy and honing their skills, instead of doing yet another simple shape with a sling or two and selling it for bucketloads of money.

And while it will not appeal to everyone (especially with its SGD8690price tag), this is proof that craftsmanship and ingenuity are alive and well at the Spanish luxury house. Which just makes me want the Goya Backpack even more now. See what they did?

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Loewe Goya Backpack

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If you’ve been following this blog regularly, you’ll know of my natural aversion to anything that’s made up of smooth leather, because one of my greatest fears always pertains to scratches showing up on the leather over time with regular use. That, however, does not apply to Loewe in my books, because after owning 3 bags from the Spanish luxury house (first there was the Yago, then the Flamenco Knot and most recently, the Hammock), their leather doesn’t seem to have this problem at all.

I’m not sure if it’s because of the quality of leather used, or the fact that it being so soft and supple hides everything anyway, but it certainly gives me peace of mind, especially when one has to put good money down for Loewe bags.

Which bring us to the subject of today’s post, a very desirable leather beast simply known as the Goya Backpack made specially for the boys. Shaped like your regular backpack, but with an additional top leather handle and a zip-around top flap, the 40 cm by 37 cm #bagoftheday is also beautifully-styled, a hallmark of all new Loewe bags under the creative direction of wunderkind J.W. Anderson.

Priced at SGD3150, I’d be the first to admit it isn’t exactly the cheapest full leather backpack on the block, but taking into account the years you’ll be using this handsome beast of a bag, with leather that’s built to last forever and a day, I say this is as good as any backpack that you should put your hard-earned money on. Really. And could this be #4 for me? I say most likely indeed.

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The Loewe Elephant Shoulder Bag

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Loewe‘s animal-shaped coin purses and pouches have long been popular with shoppers, and it’s not rocket science to figure out why: not only are Loewe’s leather goods uniformly well-made, but the pouches take something that’s normally pretty boring and make it a lot more fun without impacting its practicality at all. On top of that, committing to a panda-shaped pouch, for example, feels less bold than carrying a larger one as a handbag. But if the bag version were exactly right, would you be up for it?


In the handful of seasons he’s spent at Loewe, Jonathan Anderson has continued to expand the brand’s existing profile as a favorite among fashion insiders. Much of Anderson’s work is inventive and fresh-feeling in a fashion landscape full of retro rehashes, but he does it in a way that doesn’t make Loewe’s pieces difficult to wear or use. The Loewe Elephant Bag is a prime example of that: it’s weird, but in a good and well-considered way, and it’ll do just as good a job carrying your stuff as any other small crossbody.

A multicolored-stripe elephant shouldn’t feel as restrained or as tailored as this one does, but somehow, it totally works for me. It’s be an adorable little weekend option, especially during warm weather. 

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Loewe Amazona Multiplication Bag

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When I first saw the Loewe Amazona Multiplication Bag on the runway, it gave me that little smile you get when you see something clever, but not necessarily funny. Jonathan Anderson, Loewe’s creative director, is a master of that–he works in all kinds of unexpected touches and details, but in a way that’s not at all kitschy. Instead, his flourishes tend to highlight structural things about his garments or fashion in general, which is what he does with the Amazona Multiplication.

The practice of making a day bag and then making at least one or two successive, smaller versions of that bag once it catches on with shoppers has been a staple in the accessories market for the past two years. The practice makes sense, as long as the bag’s proportions are of the sort that shrink well: if a consumer likes the bag as a work option, then why not give her a smaller version to use on weekends? Little bags also appeal to younger consumers and help fill out a brand’s price continuum, so they’re an addition with a lot of benefits.

This new version of the Amazona gentle skewers that practice by layering the outline of a mini Amazona over the exterior of the full-size version, complete with protruding handles. And while this bag likely won’t be a broad consumer hit, I could see it being very popular with the shoppers who have already taken a shine to Anderson’s cerebral designs at Loewe, and there are tons of street style stars and influential fashion people in that group.

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Loewe F/W16 Panda Collection

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What’s cuter than a panda? Well, a trio of pandas stacked on top of one another, of course. Yes, Loewe is back with another capsule collection of their famous leather panda purses with the addition of new styles. Whilst there was only the Panda Coin Purse (you know, the one that sits snugly in the crook of your palm) for the longest time, Loewe has added more siblings.

Firstly, there’s the Panda Mini Bag, the 20 cm by 15 cm leather panda that comes with its own sling that you can choose to remove if you wish to carry it as a clutch. Outfitted with a long zip closure on its back, this SGD1890 purse should be able to fit the your barest of essentials on any given weekend.

On the other end of the size chart we’ve got the smaller-than-small Panda Charm, which is as the name suggests, the perfect little accessory to have hanging off your bag. With the tiniest of storage spaces within its tiny belly (I’m thinking this would be great for coins), it’s the same price as the Panda Coin Purse but just a tad smaller. Now available at Loewe Marina Bay Sands and Paragon, head on down soon and check out this adorable threesome for yourself. Adorable. And threesome. Two words I never thought I’d use in a sentence ever.

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