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If you take a look at Celine’s classics like the Vertical Cabas Bag or the Phantom Cabas Bag, then the style of this Bowling Bag is certainly matching. It’s minimal, so Celine and there is no bowling bag in the classic collection yet. The look and shape are very useful for many occasions; you can carry it for work, for the gym or when you need to travel during the weekends. The interior is roomy enough to carry a lot of stuff and it’s easier to transport on longer distance than a Cabas Bag.

The design

The Bowling Bag is shorter but bigger in width to make it easier to carry when you’re always on the way. The design is so flawless and timeless because it’s made in solid color and very minimal. There are no distractions other than the appreciation for the impeccable leather quality. It comes with two leather handles, but unfortunately no shoulder strap.

The interior

The inside is quite spacious and you can store a lot of stuff including your clothing. This bag is also perfect as a hand-carry travel bag. Open the bag with double zipper, the inside features two wide flat pockets with strap closure and two small flat pockets as well as one large compartment.

Made from calfskin, measuring 16’ x 10’ x 9’ inches, priced at $3400 USD, €2200 euro, £2050 GBP, $4350 SGD, $26500 HKD, ¥340000 JPY, ¥25000 CNY at Celine boutiques.

This bag is released for the Fall 2017 Collection.



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The Celine Tri-fold Bag has been released on the market not too long ago, specifically during the Fall 2016 Collection and we are garnering heaps of positive feedback with this style. Minimalist yet sophisticated, the Celine Tri-fold Bag is taking the center stage and it won’t come as a surprise for us if it will become the next Celine classic.

Both functional and stylish, the Tri-fold Bag is the perfect everyday bag thanks to its versatility. This bag features a three-compartment that can easily store all your essentials and a zip closure in the middle.

It also features wide gussets to maximize its space thus making it more practical to carry anywhere you go while the leather laces on the sides give it a relaxed and a laid back touch. But if you prefer a more structured box-shaped bag then the leather laces can be conveniently tied together.

Celine Small Tri-fold Bag
Size: Unknown
Prices: in Grained Calfskin; $2900 USD, €2100 euro, £2050 GBP, $4000 SGD, $24500 HKD, ¥22500 CNY, ¥325000 JPY

Celine Medium Tri-fold Bag
Size: 15” x 9” x 5” inches
Prices: in Natural Calfskin; $3100 USD, €2200 euro, £2200 GBP, $4200 SGD, $25500 HKD, ¥25000 CNY, ¥340000 JPY












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Celine is one particular brand name that instantly pops in our heads whenever we think of fashion-forward yet feminine bags. It has been in the business for quite a while and it’s obvious that it’s proven its name when it comes to leather goodies. For the Spring Summer 2017 Bag Collection, Celine once again showed that it’s one of the leading go-to bag experts in the world.




Come take a look at these minimalist bags that it introduced for its Spring Summer 2017 Bag Collection, which honestly looks very promising. These monochromatic Celine handbags are the perfect ones to bring anywhere you go.

Simple, elegant and well-curated, this bag comes in different colors you can choose from, as well as different leathers. And either way, these bags can match any outfit from your wardrobe.

This bag has been heavily promoted and it’s presented in the center of the next collection – it’s all about this minimalistic boxy bag. So be prepared, perhaps it could be the next iconic.

What do you think?




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A Close Look at Céline Frame Bags

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Top 10 Favorite Celine Bags

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Celine is one of my favorite designer handbag brands. I love Celine handbags for their minimalist designs, stunning colors, and incredible leather (Celine leathers smell so so good)! Since I can’t have them all, I will let out my love by sharing my top 10 favorite Celine handbags ranked in the order of preference (except for the first three bags – it too difficult to rank these three). 1-celine-trapeze 1.  Celine Trapeze The Trapeze was my first love out of all Celine bags. The combination of the sleek lines, simple design, contemporary wings, large handle, and the shoulder strap made it a winner for me. I personally think the design of the Trapeze is timeless ; especially if you tuck in the wings, then it just looks like a feminine briefcase. This is also a very easy bag to carry due to the comfortable shoulder strap. The opening and closing of the Trapeze can be annoying but I personally don’t mind it. Another problem for the Trapeze is the bag sagging and losing its shape after prolong wear, especially if you overstuff your bag. Overall, the design of the Trapeze is simple but it is stunning and always makes my heart skip a beat. 2-celine-luggage 2.  Celine Luggage To be honest, for years I didn’t get the Celine Luggage bag. I didn’t think it looked aesthetically pleasing because the design is too busy; every time I look at the bag, I just see the silly monkey face. Then over time, I somehow fell (deeply) in love with this bag, learned to appreciate its design, and even found the face to be adorable. I had the hardest time debating between the micro or nano luggage but ultimately went with the nano due to the shoulder strap. The nano luggage is seriously one of the most practical bags ever. If you get a handheld option of the luggage (micro, mini or phantom size) then the weight of the bag might be an issue. The larger bags are also more prone to sagging as the leather softens over time. If I have to pinpoint why I love this bag it would be the bag’s practicality and unique design. My main complaint is the long shoulder strap on the nano – why designers don’t make adjustable straps is beyond my comprehension. 3-celine-box 3.  Celine Box Oh the Celine Box. I have a feeling out of all the Celine bags I will eventually have, the Box will be my ultimate favorite. The design of this bag is timeless and so beautiful. My heart is set on the stunning red Box. Currently there are three reasons hold me back from purchasing the Box. One, the hefty price tag. Two, I like the smooth calfskin but I will probably hate the scratches. Three, whenever I see it in stores, it just doesn’t take my breath away. I have two theories on that last part: either this bag just doesn’t look good on the shelf because it is so simple or this bag only looks beautiful in pictures. Regardless, unless I grow some sense and stop buying designer bags, this is a bag that I must have in my collection. I am thinking about eventually getting this bag from a consignment website – if the leather will be scratched anyways, I might as well buy a bag that is already scratched at a discounted price. 4-celine-trio 4.  Celine Trio For the longest time, I was obsessed with the Celine Trio. I really like the simple rectangular pouch design with minimal hardware and logo. The three connecting pouches are an ingenious design since the bag allows the user to detached a pouch to be used as a clutch. Furthermore, I like the look of the three pouches from the side and the separated compartments help with organization. I have seen the Trio on sale on sites like Gilt and think eventually a bright color Trio (yellow, pink, or green) would be perfect. One of my main concerns with the Trio is one of the pouches falling off if you overstuff it (based on user reviews). Another concern is accidently slipping my phone / wallet in between the pouches and cracking / losing the item. Lastly, I have heard there are quality issues where the strap connects to the middle pouch. 5-celine-edge 5.  Celine Edge The Celine Edge, especially the black and red color combo is stunning. It is such a shame that Celine discontinued the Edge. To me, the design is simple and the bag looks practical – I thought it would be in its permanent collection for sure. The only thing I don’t like about the design of this bag is the small snap closure compartment on the back of the bag (see example here). Celine should have left out the snap and used a magnetic closure instead or even no closure. Regardless, I hope Celine eventually brings this design back, especially the black and red version! 6-celine-tie 6.  Celine Tie The Celine Tie was another bag that I didn’t like in the beginning but slowly my fondness for the bag grew. The reason I didn’t like the bag was the two tails / extended wings – I thought it was obnoxiously too large. I have since been able to look pass the long tails and appreciate the shape of the bag, especially those unique knots at the handles. I especially love the contrasting color versions. Although I like the design of this bag, I don’t think it will be practical bag (especially for me) due to the handheld only option and the heaviness of the bag. 7-celine-belt 7.  Celine Belt The Celine Belt is the latest popular Celine bag. I like the design of the bag, and the whiskers are really cute! My favorite is the taupe color Belt. The Belt is often compared to the Trapeze and to be honest I don’t know which one I like more. Although the bags are similar, I still think they are somewhat different. I would say the Belt is more casual and the solid color Trapeze is more classic. 8-celine-cabas-zip-tote 8.  Celine Cabas Zip Tote Celine makes various tote bags including the cabas phantom (with and without belt) and vertical cabas. By far, my favorite is the cabas zip tote. I never gave this bag a second thought until I ran into it a few times and every time it made my head turn. For some reason the zippers on this bag really stand out to me. Based on Fashionphile, the bag retails for $2K+; as much as I like this bag, I don’t think I would ever fork over $2K for a tote bag. If I can ever find it for 50% off then I would consider it. 9-celine-all-soft-shoulder-bag 9.  Celine All Soft Shoulder Bag The Celine All Soft bag is another one of the simple bags that I find beautiful. Although Celine is known for beautiful color combinations, I tend to prefer solid color handbags – with the exception of this bag. In a solid color, this bag looks too plain but in a bi- or tri-color combination, this bag is beautiful. I really like the casual look of this bag but again don’t think I will ever fork out $2.6K for this bag. At least not until I win the lottery

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Celine Clutch On Chain Tri-Fold Shoulder Bag In Supple Natural Calfskin
Style code: 180513AHL.31ER
Price: $2000 USD, €1500 euro, £1400 GBP, $2800 SGD, $17000 HKD, ¥235000 JPY

A selection of the Celine Winter 2016 Collection – introducing new beautiful colors and accessories. But obviously, what we are most interested in are new handbags, right?

Lately, Celine has been focusing on making new mini bag like Wallet On Chains and Wallet On Straps. So it’s no surprise that they made the Celine Tri-fold Clutch On Chain Bag. It’s actually the smallest size of the original Tri-fold handbag.

And it’s gorgeous – just like the Luggage Bag, it has expanded wings. The design is minimalistic, symbolizing the creation of the fashion house. Then carry it on your shoulder with the extra long chain strap, you can easily carry it on your shoulder or cross body.

But it can be more fun, the chain can be removed, so the bag can be shifted again into a cute mini tote bag. With these kinds of features, can you still resist that?

Now let’s talk about the interior; there are three compartments closed by a zipper, there are two flat pockets and one zipped locket located in the central compartment.

Besides the color green, there are more shades available, but you need to check with the SA. And what’s important to know as well, the Celine Tri-fold Clutch On Chain is made from natural calfskin.


Celine Frame Evening Clutch On Chain In Smooth Lambskin
Style code: 107773AO4.01WB
Price: $1400 USD, €950 euro, £880 GBP, $1800 SGD, $11000 HKD, ¥145000 JPY


Celine Sangle Shoulder Bag In Natural Calfskin
Style code: 180543ZYB.28TA
Size: 9′ x 13′ x 7′ inches
Price: $2900 USD, €2000 euro, £1850 GBP, $3700 SGD, $22500 HKD, ¥310000 JPY


Celine Mini Belt Handbag In Textile And Smooth Calfskin
Style code: 176102APZ.07OC
Size: 11′ x 9′ x 6′ inches
Price: $2200 USD, €1550 euro, £1450 GBP, $2800 SGD, $17000 HKD, ¥240000 JPY


Celine Small Tri-Fold Shoulder Bag In Grained Calfskin
Style code: 179043AIK.02PD
Price: $2900 USD, €2100 euro, £2050 GBP, $4000 SGD, $24500 HKD, ¥325000 JPY


Celine Micro Debossed Luggage Handbag In Satin Calfskin
Style code: 180433AOY.07OC
Size: 10′ x 10′ x 6′ inches (H x W x D)
Price: $3400 USD, €2550 euro, £2350 GBP, $4350 SGD, $26500 HKD, ¥395000 JPY


Celine Piping Round Purse In Shiny Smooth Calfskin
Style code: 108133AQ7.07OC
Price: $620 USD, €420 euro, £385 GBP, $800 SGD, $4850 HKD, ¥65000 JPY


Celine Pocket Trifolded Multifunction In Shiny Smooth Calfskin
Style code: 105853AD4.15LK
Price: $840 USD, €560 euro, £520 GBP, $1050 SGD, $6600 HKD, ¥87000 JPY


Celine Medium Classic Box Bag In Shiny Goatskin
Style code: 164173AND.02BH
Size: 9′ x 8′ x 3.5′ inches (W x H x D)
Price: $4350 USD, €3100 euro, £2850 GBP, $5600 SGD, $34000 HKD, ¥480000 JPY


Celine Compact Trotteur Shoulder Bag In Grained Calfskin
Style code: 179013ZMB.01BC
Price: $2200 USD, €1500 euro, £1400 GBP, $2800 SGD, $17000 HKD, ¥230000 JPY


Celine Small Trapeze Handbag In Smooth Calfskin With Red Piping
Style code: 180193APY.07NR
Size: 11′ x 8′ inches (W x H)
Price: $2800 USD, €2000 euro, £1850 GBP, $36000 SGD, $22000 HKD, ¥310000 JPY


Celine Nano Debossed Luggage Shoulder Bag in Satin Calfskin
Style code: 180443AOY.01BC
Size: 8′ x 8′ x 4′ inches (H x W x D)
Price: $3050 USD, €2250 euro, £2050 GBP, $3900 SGD, $23500 HKD, ¥350000 JPY


Celine Strap Large Multifunction in Shiny Calfskin
Style code: 104873AD7.31VH
Price: $810 USD, €550 euro, £510 GBP, $1050 SGD, $6300 HKD, ¥85000 JPY
Celine Strap Medium Multifunction In Grained And Shiny Calfskin
Style code: 104813AI5.25CO
Price: $730 USD, €500 euro, £460 GBP, $930 SGD, $5700 HKD, ¥78000 JPY


Celine Strap Large Multifunction In Lizard And Shiny Calfskin
Style code: 104874AFI.07ME
Price: $1550 USD, €1100 euro, £1000 GBP, $2000 SGD, $12000 HKD, ¥170000 JPY


Celine Small Trotteur Shoulder Bag In Natural Calfskin
Style code: 179023ANZ.28TA
Size: 7′ x’ 7′ x 2′ inches
Price: $2200 USD, €1450 euro, £1350 GBP, $2800 SGD, $17000 HKD, ¥225000 JPY


Celine Medium Frame Shoulder Bag In Smooth Calfskin
Style code: 180263AQO.27BD
Price: $2700 USD, €1750 euro, £1600 GBP, $3500 SGD, $21000 HKD, ¥270000 JPY


Celine Sangle Shoulder Bag In Shiny Smooth Calfskin
Style code: 176593ANI.02BG
Size: 9′ x 13′ x 7′ inches
Price: $2400 USD, €1700 euro, £1550 GBP, $3100 SGD, $19000 HKD, ¥265000 JPY


Celine Medium Cabas Phantom With Tassels In Natural Calfskin
Style code: 176713A39.04LU
Size: inches
Price: $2350 USD, €1600 euro, £1500 GBP, $3000 SGD, $18000 HKD, ¥250000 JPY


Celine Small Twisted Cabas In Shiny Smooth Calfskin
Style code: 177053AQF.15LC
Price: $2200 USD, €1500 euro, £1400 GBP, $2800 SGD, $17000 HKD, ¥235000 JPY


Celine Small Tri-Fold Shoulder Bag In Grained Calfskin
Style code: 179043AIK.11CU
Price: $2900 USD, €2100 euro, £2050 GBP, $4000 SGD, $24500 HKD, ¥325000 JPY


Celine Medium Classic Box Bag In Natural Calfskin
Style code: 164173AR2.04LU
Size: 9″ x 8″ x 3.5″ (W x H x D)
Price: $4350 USD, €3100 euro, £2850 GBP, $5600 SGD, $34000 HKD, ¥480000 JPY


Celine Medium Case Biker Shoulder Bag in Natural Calfskin
Style code: 180213AQC.01WZ
Price: $2700 USD, €1750 euro, £1600 GBP, $3500 SGD, $21000 HKD, ¥270000 JPY

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